General Information

We want to keep you well informed

Private health funds rebate:

Physiotherapy is covered under the ancillary cover of your private health fund. Hicaps delivers on the spot processing through most health funds. You will only have to pay the gap. This can be done with Eftpos, credit card, cash or by cheque. Payment is usually required with the consultation.

Veteran affairs:

  • Veteran affairs
  • Gold Card accepted
  • White Card for specific conditions

Workcover Claims:

Our physiotherapists are all registered with Workcover NSW. Workcover claims are billed to the insurer directly.

Compulsory Third Party ClaimsCompulsory:

Third party Claims are billed directly to insurer once the claim is accepted.


Medicare: Enhanced Primary Care (EPC) Program

Patients with complex and chronic conditions may be covered by Medicare for up to five physiotherapy treatments a year.

Complex and chronic may be defined as someone with one or more of:

  • Multiple health problems
  • Who are increasingly frail and dependent
  • Who have unstable or deteriorating health

To be eligible for this your GP needs to place you on an Enhanced Primary Care Plan. To obtain your rebate through our Hicaps terminal, you will need an ATM card with either a cheque or savings account attached to it, and you must know your pin number. We then process through Medicare who directly deposits the rebate into your cheque/savings account on the spot. Or alternatively if you don’t possess an ATM card, you can present your receipt for payment to Medicare, either at their office or your local chemist.

What to wear?

Wear loose, comfortable clothing.

For treatments, please make the area of your body which needs treatment easy to access. Some areas require removal of some clothing. Gowns are available.

For classes, wear a light top and trousers or shorts. Wear layers to adjust to internal and external temperature change.