Welcome to Bangalow Physiotherapy

At Bangalow Physiotherapy we assist you in the management of your pain and physical dysfunction whether it be from an acute injury (sporting, work related, post-op or from an accident) or a chronic, reoccurring issue that is impairing your everyday life.

 You can take advantage of our effective diagnosis and physiotherapy treatments for the relief of pain, injury and disability. We work with physical means such as joint mobilization, realignment of the body and restoring it’s movement patterns, dry needling and exercise prescription with a Clinical Therapeutic Exercise approach.

We offer high quality treatment in our comfortable rooms incorporating and adjoining exercise and Clinical Therapeutic Exercise studio.

Our rooms and Clinical Therapeutic Exercise studio are situated in the historic town of Bangalow in Northern NSW (just 10 minutes from Byron Bay). Come in and let us help you.

What is physio?

Physiotherapy is primarily the therapeutic application of physical means to prevent and/or minimise any pain, movement dysfunction or disability. As well as sports and musculo-skeletal medicine, physiotherapy is effectively used with cardiovascular, neurological, perinatal, aged care and almost every other type of problem.


How can physio help me?

We can help you if you have a chronic condition that has been worrying you for a long time; and we can also effectively treat a recent or acute problem. Acute injuries may become chronic but if treated promptly by a physiotherapist, the problem will improve more quickly and is much less likely to become long-term.